Monday, July 13, 2009

Oregon is Gorges

We've been kickin it up here in the north west for about a week now and have seen some pretty wild stuff for such a limited time. Fox had is twentieth birthday a couple days ago while flyin extra high on some crazy zipline and yesterday Billy Parker started throwin some megaloops in 60 mph winds. Right now we're wrappin up the whole event side of things and movin on to makin our own things happen, big props to Dallas and Zach from The Kiteboarder for cruisin with us these guys work like no one in the industry ive seen yet and pulled off a live webcast from the entire slingstock event.

I'll be checkin back with you all shortly with a day to day break down of how we've been rolling and plenty of footy and pics to let you guys know whats really good. And p.s. Alex Fox slayed the whole bridge of the gods event, no biggy. Peace bitches

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