Monday, June 29, 2009


So we're headed out to the gorge in about a week with Billy Parker to meet up with Alex Bloedanger from Ft Lauderdale. Our plan is to make it out on the fourth, help set up the rail park for slingstock and get in some good sessions before the event starts. Also we've been talking with wade from slingshot and Tevin from McCormicks Cable and are devising plans to slay some gnarly lake/rail park in Idaho called cascade? Pretty much stoked through the roof right now, RPM's are sick, Slingy Wake stuff is sick and stoked on pickin up the new darkside board! This is a blurb from cloud 9 with some random grade b footy but scramdog spiced it up and we hope you enjoy!

CKA Summer Wake Sessions from UpDown Productions on Vimeo.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009


Matty Sex and I came up to orlando for a few days for some wakeboarding and general debauchery. We headed over to The Projects wake camp and to a ski set on the sickest rail park in existence. Matt slayed pretty much every rail in the park, the decide to slide the whole "fox tranfer box" on his back. props to my boy for charging it. Look for a couple of clips to come out of the woodwork soon.

If you live in the central florida area, the Abington crew will be riding McCormicks cable park for most of the weekend.


Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Early Summer 2009

This summer has already been quite productive which is difficult to imagine for a crew of Florida riders. Alex Fox our youngest bro-ling on the team has been hard at work making it out to as many Kiteboarding competitions as possible, he has also managed to podium twice amidst some of the most credible names in Kiteboarding. Comp Results will be listed at the bottom.

Fox was also able to head out to South Padre Island to represent the Abington name for Slingshot Sports. Alex gave put on demo's all week and again amidst some of the biggest pro's in the industry wowed the masses with is un-mistakeble Florida Wakestyle. The sequence photo is of Alex at the SPI Roundup Event hitting the sliders between demos.

As for other Abington updates Matt Sexton has finally come off the DL after two months of recovery from a broken foot. Matt was at the Projects in Orlando trying out the new Sesitec System 2.0 (the sickest new cable in the industry) when is foot slipped partially out of his binding result in his foot folding on itself, straining all the ligaments and tendons as well. Matt has been working hard rehabing and is finally getting to ride again, we'll have some HD footy coming soon from UpDown Productions of Matt's first day back on the water at McCormicks Cable Park.

Asides from the genral updates we look forward to bringing you some more wake-footage from the top cable parks in Florida and will undoubtedly have some high quality coverage from our next big event coming up on July 9th-11th in Stevenson, Washington (Check out
Photo Hammish Mcdonald
Rider Matt Sexton
Location Hood River Sand Bar

Islamorada Invitational 2009
1st. Damien Leroy
2nd. Billy Parker
3rd. Alex Fox

Miami Kiteboarding Masters 2009
1st Damien Leroy
2nd Alex Fox
3rd Tibo ?
Best Trick: Alex Fox - Kiteloop Slim Chance

p.s. Congrats to young Fox for sticking his first 900's at the Cable Park, we've got some shotty footy of his 7's but we'll wait to post the high deff ish.

-Fred Abbington

The Beginning

This has been a project that we have all had on the back burner for a while now, but the time has come and the revolution will now begin. The Abington Alliance is a dedicated brotherhood of like-minded athletes that choose to not walk the conventional paths in life. An Abington rider is someone who loves what they do and wont have anyone stop them from doing it. Be it wakeboarding, kiteboarding, surfing, or just living to the fullest we are consistantly pushing eachother to be the best and progress into the unknown. Our mission is to provide the highest quality content and riding that we cant possibly create and expose it to the masses to see how we interpret our past times. From this we will develop a similar brand that will evoke the same values that we as an alliance put into our lives and our riding. We hope that you enjoy what we have and will do our best to consistantly update this blog and continue evolving as an organization and a family. Cheers!
-Fred Abington

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

getting ready to make the new site, heres the new look.